Eduardo Shlomo Velázquez


GUAO, Short Film. 34 minutes, 2015. 
Set in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Guao tells the story of Luperón, a Caribbean immigrant, a naïve and shy boy and his profound love for Catherine Deneuve. Luperón, who has lived protected by his sister Ana, an aspiring actress and waitress is a caregiver to Luperón due to a mysterious brain degenerative disease. Luperón decides to transition and become Catherine Deneuve and falls in love with Federico, a religious fanatic.

*Winner Audience Award at Artist Forum: Festival of the Moving Image.
*Winner Best Caribbean Film at Martinique International Film Festival.


About Colonia, Feature Film. 65 minutes, 2019. 
About Colonia is the story of Colonia, a nineteen-year-old nursing student who lives in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn with her eccentric and religiously conservative single mother, Lucia.

*Winner Best Actress at Queens World Film Festival.
*Nominated to Best Film and Best Director at Queens World Film Festival.


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